Thursday 30 September 2021

Workshop Day One

(CEST-Central European Summer Time)
Title Speaker
13:00-13:20 From log data to valid inferences - Motivation for this workshop Frank Goldhammer (DIPF/ZIB) & Dirk Hastedt (IEA)
13:20-13:50 I see what you did there: Behavior-based prediction of diagnostic accuracy in simulated medical learning environments Matthias Stadler (LMU Munich)
13:50-14:20 Constructing strategy indicators of the diagnostic problem-solving process in the domain of car mechatronics: A theory-based approach Luca Spliethoff & Stephan Abele (TU Dresden)
14:20-14:25 (Short Break)  
14:25-15:10 Keynote: Understanding Examinees’ Item Responses through Cognitive Modeling of Response Accuracy and Response Times Susan E. Embretson (Georgia Institute of Technology)
15:10-15:25 (Break)  
15:25-15:55 Validating the Interpretation and Use of Process Data in Large-Scale Mathematics Assessments : An Example of Technology-Enhanced Mathematics Item in France. Franck Salles, Reinaldo Dos-Santos & Saskia Keskpaik (DEPP)
15:55-16:25 Leveraging log data to examine students’ progression in constructing scientific explanation Nani Teig & Fredrik Jensen (University of Oslo)
16:25-16:55 Signal to noise ratio: Lessons Learned from NAEP Process Data Ruhan Circi (AIR)
16:55-17:05 (Break)  
17:05-17:55 Debate: Derived Constructs versus Designed Constructs: A Priori and A Posteriori Approaches to Log Process Data - and who decides what to use? Matthias von Davier (Boston College) & Stephen Sireci (University of Massachusetts Amherst), Moderation: Saskia Wools (Cito)
17:55-18:00 (Short Break)  
18:00-19:00 Virtual Social Event  

Friday 1 October 2021

Workshop Day Two

(CEST-Central European Summer Time)
Title Speaker
13:00-13:05 (Welcome)  
13:05-13:35 Using process data to inform partial credit scoring in interactive assessments Daniel Duckworth (IEA)
13:35-14:05 Designing for Insights: An ECD Approach to Learning Analytics Andreas Oranje (ETS)
14:05-14:10 (Short Break)  
14:10-14:55 Keynote: Implications of a Sociocognitive Perspective on Educational Assessment with Connection to Computational Psychometrics Robert J. Mislevy (University of Maryland)
14:55-15:10 (Break)  
15:10-15:40 Identifying Cognitive and Meta-cognitive Aspects of Digital Inquiry from Process Data Jesse R. Sparks & Caitlin Tenison (ETS)
15:40-16:10 Leveraging process data to assess how students solve problems in open-ended, resource-rich environments: the PISA 2025 assessment of Learning in the Digital World Mario Piacentini (OECD)
16:10-16:40 Sensors and Traces: Investigating Assessment Response Processes with Digital Data Bryan Maddox (University of East Anglia)
16:40-16:50 (Break)  
16:50-17:20 Validity and validation of innovative educational assessments Saskia Wools (Cito)
17:20-17:50 Insights from Using Process Indicators for Formative Assessments within Learning Management Systems Ulf Kroehne (DIPF) & Carolin Hahnel (DIPF/ZIB)
17:50-18:15 Exchange on log data and process indicators in the FLIP+ community (working group) Thierry Rocher
18:15-18:30 Wrap-up, final reflections